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Simply the Best Slimming Inc.

Simply the Best Slimming is a unique health, fitness and beauty centre. Our staff is dedicated and committed to ensuring that each one of our clients reaches their personal health, fitness and beauty goals. We are here to inspire you to reach your full potential and enjoy a better quality of life.

At Simply the Best Slimming you will become stronger and healthier while we will celebrate your achievements as you transform into the BEST version of yourself!





Our Services Include:

Vertical Vibration Training with “VibroGym”

Complete full body workouts with a recommendation of coming in 3x a week for 15-20 minute workouts (equivalent to 2 hours of weight training in a regular gym each time you come in). Quick & easy workouts that are both effective and efficient. A personalized workout will be designed especially for you each time you come in while being assisted with your very own personal trainer who will help challenge and motivate you to reach your goals! VibroGym is the newest technology in physical fitness and will soon be taking over the industry with its amazing benefits and quick results.

Don’t forget to come in and try your first workout for FREE!

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method

Our diet plan will target fat loss with proven & lasting results. Book your FREE consultation with no commitments and we will explain how we can help train you to develop smarter eating habits & help you make better lifestyle choices. By providing you with a FREE weight loss coach to help you along your journey, our dedicated and committed staff will provide you with FREE weekly weigh-ins to help keep you on track with our technologically advanced scale.

Call 705-566-0303 and book your FREE consultation and take a step to a healthier, happier you.

Fat Loss Ultrasound

Lose up to 7 inches in an hour!

Scientifically proven to lose inches in unwanted areas quickly and safely. Trigger the release of unwanted fat in specific areas such as the abdomen, thighs, arms and buttocks.

Venus Legacy

Introducing a new technology for skin tightening and anti-aging results. This effective treatment will target not just one layer of skin but multiple layers. Anti-aging, skin firming and skin tightening treatment will break down the unwanted fat and increase the production of collagen and elastin in your skin resulting in a dramatic improvement in the skins conditions. With the latest and most advanced skin technology in Sudbury, the Venus Legacy treatments can re-contour the body and tighten the skin while you faster and more effective results.

Effective for all skin types and body parts including buttocks, arms, midsection, thighs, face and neck.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

This “secret weapon” that has been kept from North America has now made its way to Simply the Best Slimming in Sudbury. Sudbury’s new cutting edge technology that optimizes not only your body’s natural ability to achieve peak performance but will improve overall well-being & you’re your appearance.

Positive effects include weight loss, improving your metabolism, boosting your immune system, assisting with cell renewing, the release of endorphins, pain reduction, reduced inflammation, and oxygen and blood circulation increased and helps repair internal organs.

On top of these you will be have the beauty benefits fuller and stronger hair and nails on top of burning 800 calories or more in your 2.5minute treatment, you will have a reduction in pain, swelling and muscle soreness, an increased libido and sexual stamina, improvements in your joint function while speeding up recovery time for any injuries, an increase in energy and skin with fewer blemishes and tighter skin. Your stress symptoms will be reduced as for depression and a quicker recovery from surgical recovery.

Advanced Anti-aging Skin Therapy

Get beautiful skin with Environ facials. Our state of the art facials deliver dramatic and measurable results. Thicken and improve the collagen and elastin levels while softening any fine lines, wrinkles, scars while getting a more even skin tone and an increase in hydration.

For an even more advanced and rejuvenating treatment we offer a fabulous ground breaking Cool Peel Treatment also developed by anti-aging specialist Dr. Des Fernandes. This facial will minimize any lines, sun-damage or problem skin in a very relaxing and pampering atmosphere located right here in Sudbury.